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October 30, 2013: National Candy Corn Day; Haunted Refrigerator Night

National Candy Corn Day; Haunted Refrigerator Night

October 30, 2013: It’s a seasonal treat made from sugar and wax, and I can’t get enough of it. National Candy Corn Day celebrates one of my personal Kryptonites. And did you know you can make candy corn on the cob? Oddly enough, the most popular brand I know of, Brach’s, is the tastiest, but it’s made with honey. And in any other context, I can’t stand honey. The mere smell makes me queasy. But in candy corn form, it’s magnificent.

As for Haunted Refrigerator Night, it appears to be a holiday created so that at least once a year, we face our fears and find out what lurks in the very back of the very bottom shelf of our refrigerators. Pull out the ghosts of leftovers past! It’s a good prelude to Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, which happens in just about a fortnight.