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October 25, 2013: Frankenstein Friday; Punk for a Day Day

Frankenstein Friday; Punk for a Day Day

October 25, 2013: Yes, I’m playing around with formatting. This way, the image can just be printed or copied anywhere, and the date and names of the holidays are right there in it. Thoughts? Comments? Onward! Frankenstein Friday is separate from August 30’s Frankenstein Day (Mary Shelley’s birthday); this holiday was developed by Ron MacCloskey to honor the “mother” and “father” of Frankenstein — Mary Shelley and Boris Karloff. He also gives out “The Franky” awards, and appears to have a museum-quality collection of Frankenstein memorabilia. Punk for a Day Day is a great chance for all of us to let our inner punks shine through. It’s also Cartoonists Against Crime Day today, so … um … obey the laws, you guys. Don’t go mugging anyone or anything. Cool? Cool.