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November 9, 2013: Sadie Hawkins Day; Lou Ferrigno’s Birthday

Sadie Hawkins Day; Lou Ferrigno's Birthday

November 9, 2013: Lou Ferrigno, born in 1951, was a bodybuilder who came to fame as The Hulk. So who better to ask him for a dance on Sadie Hawkins Day than the She Hulk? Who, by the way, has a way better deal than The Hulk. She appears to maintain her rational mind when she’s all Hulked out, and can even keep up with her day job as a lawyer?! Although a lot of the time, she wears a one-piece bathing suit, and never ends up in shredded purple pants?! Oh, comic books.

We didn’t have Sadie Hawkins dances in my school days, although we did have girl-ask-boy dances. They always went by the name “Tolo”. Looks like, according to the Wikipedia article on Sadie Hawkins Dances (to which Tolo redirects), that Tolo was a Pacific Northwest thing. Oddly enough, sometimes when we had a traditional boy-ask-girl dance, they’d reverse it and call it an “Olot”.

Today is also National Scrapple Day, which is a food I’ve definitely never eaten. And never plan to.