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November 3, 2013: Housewife’s Day; Sandwich Day; Cliché Day

Housewife's Day; Sandwich Day; Cliché Day

November 3, 2013: Ah, days of yesteryear, when a housewife would have a sandwich ready and waiting for her man; she’d also be wearing her finest apron, a lovely dress, high heels, with perfect makeup and hair. A total cliché now, which is why Housewife’s Day, Sandwich Day, and Cliché Day crash together so beautifully. Of course, there are still housewives out there, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I don’t know that they still follow this particular stereotype anymore.

(I do have a great friend who has a love of aprons, and I bet she makes a wicked sandwich. So this one’s going out to you, Al!)