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November 25, 2013: Parfait Day; Ricardo Montalban’s Birthday

November 25, 2013: Parfait Day; Ricardo Montalban's Birthday

November 25, 2013: In researching Parfait Day, I found out that it’s two different things — in France, it’s a frozen custardy thing, while in America, it’s a layered dessert. Either way, I bet Ricardo Montalban would have enjoyed it for his birthday (born in 1920). Here he’s pictured as the original Khan from Star Trek, although I’ll admit that Benedict Cumberbumbles was decent in the role as well.

I met Ricardo Montalban once, back around 1980. My family was on vacation in Hawaii, and we happened upon them filming Fantasy Island. Somewhere in my personal archives, I have a photo of him, me, and the little red golf cart they’d putter around the island in.