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March 30, 2014: Pencil Day; Vincent Van Gogh’s Birthday

March 30, 2014: Pencil Day; Vincent Van Gogh's Birthday

March 30, 2014: You might be all, Pencil Day? Are pencils still a thing? Haven’t we all moved on to typing and texting and such? Friends, I’m here to tell you — I still use pencils, and so should you. They just have such a smooth, buttery texture when writing. And let’s not forget the ability to erase! Mmmm, heaven.

I’ve gone with a lot of birthdays this week, and we’re closing it out with Vincent Van Gogh’s Birthday. Maybe if he’d had enough pencils, he wouldn’t have felt the need to chop off his ear. (Really, he probably could have used some Xanax instead of more pencils.) I was totally unaware until looking him up just now that he’d died at the age of 37. What a terrible shame.