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June 11, 2014: Corn on the Cob Day; Peter Dinkage’s Birthday

June 11, 2014: Corn on the Cob Day; Peter Dinkage's Birthday

June 11, 2014: Summer is just around the corner, and we’ve just passed Memorial Day. Sounds like the perfect time for a cookout featuring a sweet ear. Happy Corn on the Cob Day; may your corn be flavorful, and may you not get too much stringy stuff in your teeth.

Today is Peter Dinkage’s Birthday as well; when I do celebrity birthdays, I try to pick people who most people have probably heard of. And I think Game of Thrones is a big enough deal even to non-viewers that this guy is a safe bet. I don’t watch the show, and even I know that Tyrion Lannister is a big deal.