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Holiday Doodles is Now in Retirement!

Thank you for reading!
Thank you for reading!

Holiday Doodles is now officially in retirement.

I took this last month off to figure out if the doodles were something I wanted to continue; there are so many other creative directions I’ve wanted to go over the last couple of years, but HD has taken up a lot of my artistic bandwidth. I’ve made the decision that I’ve gone about as far as I want to go with this project — it’s really a lot more limiting than you’d think. So I’m going to pivot out into other things. I’ll still be drawing, just not daily holiday critters and food with faces. (I’m posting daily on Instagram these days, and those posts mostly feed into Facebook as well, so the stream of Missy Meyer content will flow on, just not here.)

I’ll be leaving this site up with all of the past comics, which may or may not apply to future years: remember, some of these holidays are attached to specific dates, while others roam around the calendar as “first Friday of the month” and such.

Thank you for sharing this dorky project with me!

~ Missy