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February 15, 2014: National Gumdrop Day; St. Skeletor’s Day

February 15, 2014: National Gumdrop Day; St. Skeletor's Day

February 15, 2014: I’m not a big fan of gumdrops (some make it two words, gum drops, but I’ve always been a one-word girl), but I’ll gum some down (pun intended) for National Gumdrop Day. Or maybe I’ll just play some Candy Crush.

What the heck is St. Skeletor’s Day, you might ask? The antidote to St. Valentine’s Day, I reply. For more information, the holiday’s creator, comedian Richard Herring, puts it better than I ever could. But if you read my thoughts on Valentine’s Day yesterday, you know how delighted this holiday makes me. Push hand-holders in a puddle, indeed.