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About Missy

Hello, I’m Missy Meyer! I’m a graphic designer, font maker, romance novelist, and artist. (I’ve also had an amazing variety of jobs, including improv comedy performer at Walt Disney World, casino dealer, bank teller, pizza chef, and summer camp counselor.) I’m married to Scott Meyer, the guy behind the Magic 2.0 series of books and the web comic Basic Instructions. Together, we try to celebrate as many goofy holidays as possible.

Whiteboard Doodles
Framed Notecard Doodles

One of the original whiteboard doodles!

Doodle on a notecard in a frame!

About the Doodles

I started doing daily doodles in my office, when I changed desks and found myself with a whiteboard on the outside wall of my cubicle.  Soon, coworkers gave me gentle grief when I didn’t have a doodle on that whiteboard every morning.  When I moved cubes, I didn’t have the whiteboard, so I got a 99¢ IKEA TOLSBY picture frame and some 4″ x 6″ note cards, and continued the workplace tradition.

Since most of the doodles were colored in on their note cards with either crayon or colored pencil, they didn’t scan into a computer particularly well. I re-drew a ton of them with just line art so I could color them in on the computer and upload them here. So most dates before September 2013 are incomplete.

From September 2013 onward, the Doodles were drawn as line art and colored in digitally.

As of July 2016, I retired the Holiday Doodles project. It was fun, but very time-consuming, and that time needed to be redirected toward bigger and better projects. Since the archives still get a lot of traffic, I’ve revamped and reformatted a ton of doodles where all of the holidays fall on the same day every year. (Some of these are holidays that might be, say, “the first Monday of October,” and as such they roam around the calendar.)

NEW: Starting in mid-2019, I’ve been reposting the yearly Doodles, and filling in some of the gaps where I didn’t already have a doodle for a date.

About the Holidays

The holidays I used are vetted from all over the internet and other reference materials. Most “national” holidays are based on the United States, as that’s where I’m located.  I tried to combine at least two things in every doodle, but it was always fun to try and cram as many in there as possible.  Some days have over 10 weird holidays assigned to them, which often made choosing quite difficult!

If you’re interested in seeing the full list of holidays for each day, I highly recommend the Checkiday website; they have great daily lists!

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