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February 10, 2014: Umbrella Day; National Cream Cheese Brownie Day

February 10, 2014: It’s not just a day for brownies, oh no. It’s National Cream Cheese Brownie Day! That swirl of cream cheese on the top is just as good as a layer of frosting, as far as I’m concerned. Two thumbs up. It’s also Umbrella Day, so crack out your brolly, bumbershoot, or parasol and keep your head shielded.

(Fun fact: I didn’t own an umbrella when I lived in Seattle. The rain really is usually more of a miserable mist there, that comes at you from all sides. Plus, you just get used to it. Here in Florida, I have four umbrellas in various strategic locations, because when it rains here, it can be so heavy it sometimes feels like there isn’t enough room between the raindrops for air to exist.)