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Go Cook for Your Pets Day; French Fried Clam Day; Vinegar Day

November 1, 2013: I would not be surprised if one of my cats liked vinegar. He certainly wants to eat every other kind of people food there is. So if I celebrated Go Cook for Your Pets Day (which I probably won’t; the Fancy Feast people have done the cooking for me), I’d have to give them a nice tangy condiment for Vinegar Day, too. And seriously, French Fried Clam Day (also known as Deep Fried Clam Day)? I know we Americans like to make up holidays about all sorts of food, but this one seems a bit obscure. It’s been years since I’ve had a french fried (or deep fried) clam; if you’re in the Seattle area, there’s a chain called Ivar’s you should try. Keep clam and carry on, everyone.