October 6, 2013: Tom Cruise Day; Noodle Day; Come and Take It Day

Tom Cruise Day; Noodle Day; Come and Take It Day

Tom Cruise Day; Noodle Day; Come and Take It Day

October 6, 2013: Since 2006, Tom Cruise Day has been celebrated on this day in Japan; from what I can see, reasons vary from the fact that he’s the American actor who has visited Japan the most, and that the date sounds kind of like his name (10 = tō, 6 = mittsu). Not sure how much weight I put behind that second one. The interwebs also seem torn on whether TC Day is October 6 or October 10. For Noodle Day, Tom’s made you a delicious bowl of macaroni and cheese, with a crumble top and everything. So celebrate Come and Take It Day by coming and taking it.

Doodle note here: this is my second-ever caricature. I was asked to draw a caricature of my boss, who’s retiring, the other day at work. “Put in a spreadsheet! And lots of hair! And have her wearing sensible shoes!” I tried to tell them that I don’t normally draw real people, but figured I’d give it a shot. (I boned up by looking at some of the work of one of our local amazing caricature artists, who has a great book on the subject.) I wasn’t 100% happy with the one I did of the boss, so I figured I’d try my hand again on old Tom.


  • Judy S says:

    Great job!
    It’s hard to believe that’s only your second caricature!
    I work at a nursing home, and I’d like to know if you’d mind my occasionally printing off the doodle of the day and posting it on the activity board, or maybe distributing it to some of the residents. I believe they’d really enjoy it, and most of them don’t have computer access.

    Keep up the good work, Missy!

  • bi reader says:

    great missy!

    i live in japan, and i don’t think anyone knows about tom cruise day any more than americans know about most of the holidays that you draw about, which is probably no surprise. but one small correction, if you’ll allow me: 6 of something is “muttsu” (not mittsu), and “the 6th of the month” is “muika.” both of which can be shortened to “mu.” therefore, october 6th can be read, in a joking manner, as “tomu,” which is exactly the same pronunciation in japanese as tom cruise’s first name.

    • Missy says:

      Fantastic, thank you! Every bit of Japanese I know, I get from watching Ninja Warrior (Sasuke). (Makoto Nagano is a superhero!)

  • Rob says:

    Woah, now I want to see Tom Cruise in a shot-for-shot remake of TAMPOPO.

  • Johnnyboy says:

    Tom Cruise, or Troy Aikman?