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July 22, 2014: Hammock Day; Casual Pi Day

July 22, 2014: Happy Hammock Day! I’ve kind of always wanted a hammock; maybe someday when I have a backyard, I’ll finally get one. I did have a hammock accident once, where I tried to sit in one and flipped out the other side, landing on my head. It was awesome. Today is also Casual Pi Day, because dividing 22 by 7 (22/7) is roughly equal to pi. In a casual, relaxed, approximate sense.

Today is also Penuche Fudge Day, which I had to look up, since I have no clue what on earth penuche is. And even reading about it, I’m entirely unsure if I’ve had it or not. Though I’ve had no-bake cookies that are similar to the ones described as no-bake penuche cookies. I just don’t think I’ve ever seen or used the word “penuche” before. How about you all?