May 25, 2014: Towel Day; National Wine Day; Nerd/Geek Pride Day

May 25, 2014: Towel Day; National Wine Day; Nerd/Geek Pride Day

May 25, 2014: Could there be a day that’s more up my alley? Let’s start with Towel Day, honoring the late, great author Douglas Adams. I like to consider myself a hoopy frood who always knows where her towel is, thank you very much. It’s also National Wine Day (not to be confused with National Drink Wine Day, which was February 18th) (my Facebook “like” was number 9,000 for that page, which makes Numberwang). So grab a bottle of whatever you like, and enjoy it in whatever way you like best.

Finally, today is the combo of Nerd Pride Day and Geek Pride Day, a day to step out of the shadows and let people know that you’re a nerd or a geek, and you’re not afraid to show it. The day was chosen because it’s the day back in 1977 when Star Wars first came out. (Although if you want, we can have a long conversation about whether Star Wars or Star Trek is the superior property.) (Hint: I think it’s Trek.) (But that’s just one geek’s opinion.) (And yes, I consider myself a geek rather than a nerd.) (Although I will accept it if you want to call me a “parentheses nerd”, especially considering this commentary.)


  • BI Fan says:

    I agree with you re: Trek vs. Wars (and geek/nerd) , but I am not quite nerd enough to actually care about Towel Day. Yeah, I know where my towel is – so what? 😉

    The wine of late is Green Fin Red Table Wine, which I can get at TJ’s for $3.99/bottle. I like it chilled. (What does THAT say about me?) Has your TJ’s opened yet? Mine is a 40-minute drive, so I go weekly, but only until I get home to Cali, Baby! Five more weeks! Woot!

    • Missy says:

      I believe the nearby Trader Joe’s is slated for a July opening. So we’re still twiddling our thumbs.

      For the most part, I’m drinking Barefoot wines. Moscato and Riesling on the white side, Sweet Red Blend on the red side. $5.97 a bottle at the Total Wine, which is pretty decent pricing. (And I like the red in the fridge as well. I guess we’re both rebels.)

  • weecanadian says:

    I have no idea where my towel is. But hurrah for geek day! The geek shall inherit the earth. We can only hope. LIve long and prosper while using the Force. Can’t say anything about the wine. Me no likey.

  • Nixon says:

    There is an art to flying, or rather a knack.
    And trek?! Wars all the way.

  • Kevin Kunreuther says:

    I was in UK when Star Wars debuted over there (on March 7th, my birthday), so my nerd day is even more personal – but my old towel which I’ve had since 1976 and looks it, is being carefully cleaned right now. It used to be thick luxurious to touch but now is very threadbare and fragile. I may have to retire it and replace with a towel II.

  • Kevin Kunreuther says:

    This may be of interest to you, too

    • Missy says:

      Wait, so is that the wine all swirly and weird-colored inside? That’s … pretty disgusting.