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May 3, 2014: National Raspberry Popover Day; National Homebrew Day; Free Comic Book Day; Two Different Colored Shoes Day

May 3, 2014: We have ourselves a busy one today! Let’s start with National Raspberry Popover Day (oddly enough, it’s also National Raspberry Tart Day). This is yet another food holiday I have no expertise with; I’ve never had a popover of any flavor. Though they look really cute. It’s also National Homebrew Day, and THAT I’ve enjoyed before. Beer, wine, soda pop — you can make it all at home! (Sources have this holiday on various dates in early May, but I’m sticking with the Homebrewers Association, who celebrate on the first Saturday of May.)

The first Saturday in May is also Free Comic Book Day, so head out to your local geek shop and get something to read. Lastly, it’s Two Different Colored Shoes Day, and according to Arlene at the link, the holiday demonstrates the courage to take a risk. Just try to keep the heel height the same, will you? We don’t want you tripping and falling. (Though if you do, please do it courageously.)